break a time, with break the c0de…

my darkc0der friend question

I got it working perfectly. Included the 2 trials method and blocking of Account after:)
Now the only problem am having is when putting the pin.

input = int(raw_input(“Enter ur 4-digit PIN : “))

If a char is entered, it brings up a compiler error. I want it to bring out my error like
print ‘Ure to enter an int ONLY’

Anoda thn, is there a way i can limit the input value? Like its meant to be 4-digit. Anyhelp with ‘len’. That makes it possible for only 4 digit to be entered.

Thnks in Advance.

import sys

	inputme = int(raw_input("[-] Enter ur 4-digit PIN : "))
except ValueError:
	print "[!] hey input numeric only asshole...."

filteredinput = str(inputme)
if len(filteredinput) != 4:
	print "[!] hey input 4 numeric asshole...."
"""Now inputme length is 4 and it's clean from str"""
print "[-] You has inputted %s" % inputme

Sorry, anoda question. Is there any built-in-function that uses the ‘wait technique’ . Smthn lyk

print ‘\nVerifying password’
#then waits for like 5 secs. After d 5secs.It prints out the next statement.
print ‘\nPassword Verified’

import os
print '[-] Verifying password...'
if password == verified:
	print '[+] Password Verified'
	print '[+] Password Unverified'

i hope that question can answered your question too ;)


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